I set up my very first trade…AND IT WAS A WINNER!!!

Behind the scenes at VEMA Trader there is a team of incredible ninjas always working to make sure you get the most out of your trading opportunities. Normally you won’t hear from me. I am the behind the scenes marketing brain working to show off VEMA Trader to as many people as possible and to be clear – I am NOT a trader.

But somewhere along the way between spending too much time with #OGGirlBoss Anthea, grilling the team on what makes VEMA features so much cooler than any others, and creating our own Trade Pattern Cards with our pro Rhys – I accidentally learnt something. While I was working to get a screenshot of a VEMA Trader feature, I noticed a pattern that looked really similar to something I had seen in one of Rhys’s trade pattern cards and I began to wonder if it really could be that easy?

Turns out….it really is! So here is the very first trade I have ever setup…AND IT’S A WINNER!!! The simplest lines, the simplest strategy and I’m in the green!

It’s only a paper trade for now, because I would have to be some sort of special to put real money down when I am still just learning. But it has made me realise that day trading is something anyone can learn and take a shot at. With the way VEMA is setup I can do it in my own time (which really means late at night once the kids are asleep) and if I stick to paper trading, I can practice and not worry about whether or not I’m losing money I don’t have.

Trade Pattern Cards are live now at www.vematrader.com/TradePatternCards. I’m not one for following the markets, big annoucements, or even what other traders are saying. I can however, keep my eye on the patterns, check in on the charts when I have time, and I might just see somethis else that matches. Turns out anyone can learn how to trade…BUT now it also means my husband was right so I ask myself…should I admit that?

By Roschelle Morwood (who one day might be a trader)

Trading has never been so simple